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NAL Vision

Support the nation’s space programs with technical expertise, educational outreach and charitable contributions to STEM organizations.

NAL Objectives

Communicate with the retired JSC community
Provide charitable financial support to STEM organizations
Provide educational outreach programs to inspire students to pursue STEM careers
Encourage members to participate in community service that supports JSC activities
Provide social and educational opportunities and fellowship among members
Provide technical and advisory services to JSC as requested

Current Officers, Directors and Committee Chairs


Bill McArthur

Vice President

Estella Gillette


Herb Baker


Susan Braymer

Committee Chairs

Membership – Cynthia Draughon
Programs – Stokes McMillan
Education – Debbie Trainor
Web Site & Email – Dan Sedej
Investments – Gordon Ducote
Apollo Events – Phil Engelauf
Publicity –
Mentoring – Jeff Davis
Newsletter – Renee Lance
Volunteer – Patricia Burke
Historic Preservation – Greg Blackburn


Greg Blackburn
Patricia Burke
Gordon Ducote
Phil Engelauf
Joe Kosmo
Joe Maloy
Stokes McMillan
Sylvia Stottlemyer

Senior Advisor

Denny Holt

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