NASA Alumni League-JSC Chapter

NAL-JSC Sponsored Programs

Oct 3 – Larry Bell, Director Emeritus of the Univ. of Houston Central Campus Sasakawa Space Architecture School will discuss the Sasakawa International Center for Space Architecture (SISCA). 2:30- 4pm, Discovery Conference room (1st floor)

Oct 10 Social & Dinner – Guest speaker is JSC Deputy Director Vanessa Wyche

Nov 7 – NAL member Dean Eppler will present “Introduction to the Moon.” 2:30- 4pm, Lone Star room

Dec 10 Social – Christmas social with speaker Dan Hartman, Gateway Program Manager

Other Monthly Activities

JSC Retiree Luncheon

1st Thursday, 11:30am
Hibachi Grill is on Bay Area between I45 and Hwy 3. The luncheon is “dutch treat”. Organized by Larry Moon.

JSC Retiree Beer Social

1st Thursday, 4:00pm
Under the pavilion, across from the covered entrance into JSC Gilruth. Organized by Larry Ratcliff.  Contributions are appreciated.

JSC Retiree Breakfast

2nd Wednesday, 8:30am
Kelley’s Grill is east of I45 in League City. The meal is “dutch treat”. Organized by Teresa Sullivan.

NAL Board of Directors Mtg

2nd Thursday, 1:00pm
The monthly NAL Board of Directors Meeting is held onsite at JSC in Bldg. 57, room 106.

Other Programs of Interest

Oct 3 – Lunar and Planetary Institute hosts the first presentation in its 2019-2020 Cosmic Explorations Speaker Series. Lunar Dirt, Rocks, and Legacy: The Lunar Receiving Laboratory’s First Five Years will be presented by Dr. Grant Heiken, member of the Lunar Sample Preliminary Examination Team during Apollo. The presentation begins at 7:30pm.

Oct 14 – 18Association of Space Explorers (ASE) XXXII Planetary Congress, Flown astronaut/cosmonaut delegates from all over the world will gather to honor the vast accomplishments made in space over the last five decades, to share with the public the past and present experiences in space, and to shine a light on what’s to come. The attending delegates will also dedicate time on October 16, 2019 to Community Day, to meet with students of all ages and members of the public throughout the State of Texas.

Dec 9-12  Lunar and Planetary Institute – First International Orbital Debris Conference

If you know of any upcoming space related events occurring in the Houston area, please let send me information about it.