NASA Alumni League-JSC Chapter

The JSC Chapter of the NAL was formed in 1989 under the leadership of former JSC Director Gerry Griffin. The JSC NAL was founded in order to provide local retired NASA personnel the ability to use their talents and experience to tell NASA's story to the public, to contact legislators regarding their views on space-related issues, testify to key committees of Congress and, if called upon, to perform independent assessments of space-related issues.

former employees of NASA or the Jet Propulsion Lab

NAL no longer accepts checks on behalf of the NCSF.  Donations to this fund should be sent by check directly to:

NASA College Scholarship Fund
c/o AH/Director, Human Resources Office
2101 NASA Parkway
Houston, TX  77058

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NAL recently helped the JSC External Relations Office (ERO) identify, and caption, Shuttle Program imagery from the 1970’s – 1990’s.  In the near future, ERO will again utilize NAL to help document the shuttle history.

NAL-JSC Upcoming Activities
2nd Thursday of each month - NAL Board of Directors Meeting starts @ 3:00 PM and is held in Suite 300 at the Tietronix building at 1331 Gemini (across the road from the JSC Credit Union).
NASA Alumni League Programs
Nov 3 - "Neutral Buoyancy Lab (NBL) Talk and Tour", 2:30-4pm, Sonny Carter Training Facility on Space Center Blvd., NAL-JSC badge required.
Nov 15 - NAL Fall Dinner/Social - Preliminary Results of NASA's Twins Study, Dr. John Charles, Ph.D., Chief Scientist, NASA Human Research Program
Dec 1 - "Dreamchaser Test Plans and Cargo Resupply Effort", John Curry/Sierra Nevada Corporation, 2:30 - 4:00 pm, JSC Gilruth
Other Local Programs of Interest
Nov 11 - AIAA Houston Section Cybersecurity & Intelligence Technical Committee for a screening of Curiosity Stream’s documentary, “The Human Face of Big Data:”, 11:30 - 1:30 pm, JSC Gilruth
Nov 11 - JSC Astronomical Society meeting will be at the Lunar Planetary Institute, Speaker Dr. Pat Rieff of Rice University, 7:30 p.m. in the auditorium of the USRA bldg. (3600 Bay Area Blvd. at Middlebrook Dr.)
Nov 15 - AIAA Houston Speaker Presentation: "Where Are We Going In Space", Wayne Hale, 6pm - 8pm, Lynntech cafeteria, 2501 Earl Rudder Fwy S College Station, Info & Register Here

NAL has an agreement with JSC management to provide our members a NAL-JSC badge with your picture, valid for the one-year period of annual membership. The badge provides members entry to JSC, free admission to Space Center Houston and an additional $20 discount off the annual JSC Gilruth Retiree gym membership.  The badge is obtained and renewed in JSC building 110 at the main gate.

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