NAL-JSC Membership

NAL-JSC Membership

576 Members on July 8, 2020

Membership Qualifications

The membership of the NAL-JSC is open to:

  • Former federal civil service employees of NASA at JSC or the Jet Propulsion Lab.
  • Any former federal civil service employee of another federal government agency, including U.S. military service, who served an extended detail assignment at JSC for one year or longer.
  • Any other person who was employed by NASA as a “Special Employee” for the purpose of accomplishing a special focused assignment at JSC lasting one year or more.

Membership Categories

The NASA Alumni League is a private 501(c)3 non-profit organization.  As such, membership dues and donations to the JSC Chapter may be tax deductible for federal income tax returns.  Consult your tax advisor as appropriate.  In accordance with Internal Revenue Service requirements, we are disclosing that no goods or services were provided in return for dues or donation.

  • Individual – annual dues of $30
  • Supporting –  annual dues of $100
  • Lifetime – one-time donation of $500
  • Benefactor – one-time donation of $1000

Application For New or Renewal Membership

Apply and Pay Online – Click Here or go to NAL Store

Paper application and Pay via Check – Click Here
Download the application, fill it out and mail it with your payment to the address shown on the form.

Membership Renewal

About one month prior to your expiration date, you will receive an email or letter (if you do not use email) reminding you of your annual dues.  We prefer that you renew online from the “NAL-Store” page on this website.  If that is not possible then by regular mail with a check.  The reminder email or letter will include a copy of the Application for Membership that you will need to update with any changes to your information.  When your annual dues and application form are received and processed by NAL you will receive a confirmation by email or letter.  NAL no longer provides a membership card.  You will receive an email or letter letting you know that JSC Security has been notified of your updated membership status and that you can, therefore, pick up your badge.

Membership Benefits

  • Only $30 per year membership dues
  • Dinner/social/program 3-4 times each year
  • Free admission to Space Center Houston and an additional $20 discount off the annual JSC Gilruth Retiree gym membership (requires JSC Alumni badge)
  • Monthly retiree/contractor team breakfasts
  • Keg-of-the month gatherings at JSC Gilruth Center
  • Invitations to attend or participate in special programs/events at JSC
  • Monthly technical Briefings
  • Quarterly newsletter
  • JSC Alumni Badge

NAL has an agreement with JSC management to provide our members an NAL-JSC badge with the member’s picture, valid for the one-year period of annual membership.  The badge is obtained and renewed in JSC building 110 at the main gate.  The badge is for access to JSC only and is not valid for use at any of the other NASA centers.