Membership Qualifications
The membership of the NAL-JSC is open to:

  • Former federal civil service employees of NASA at JSC or the Jet Propulsion Lab.
  • Any former federal civil service employees of another federal government agency, including U.S. military service, who served an extended detail assignment at JSC for one year or longer. 
  • Any other person who was employed by NASA as a "Special Employee" for the purpose of accomplishing a special focused assignment at JSC lasting one year or more.

Application For New Membership
Click here for a paper "Application For Membership" form.  Please fill it out and mail it with your payment to the address shown on the Application form.

Or, you also have the option to pay using your credit card and PayPal at the NAL Store tab.

Membership Categories
The NASA Alumni League is a private 501(c)(3) charitable organization and is not affiliated with any agency of the United States government. Membership dues are not tax deductible, but any additional donations included with the dues are tax deductible.

  • Individual Member, annual dues $30
  • Supporting Member, annual dues $100
  • Lifetime Member, one-time dues of $500
  • Benefactor Member, one-time dues of $1000

Membership Renewal

About one month prior to your expiration date, you will receive an email or letter (if you do not use email) reminding you of your annual dues.  From that notification you will have the option to renew online using PayPal at the NAL Store or by regular mail with a check.  The reminder email or letter will include a copy of the above Application for Membership that you will need to update with any changes in your information.  When your annual dues and application form are received and processed by NAL you will receive a confirmation by email or letter, along with your updated membership card.  Your confirmation letter will also tell you that JSC Security has been notified of your updated membership status and that you can, therefore, pick up your badge.