Educational Programs

Past NAL Educational Programs



  • Jan 7 – “The Ordinary Astronaut" – Clayton Anderson, Astronaut and Author
  • Feb 4 - The Changing Face of JSC - Renovation, Innovation, New Buildings - Joel Walker, Director of Center Operations
  • Mar 4 - "Space Enviroment Simulation Lab (SEL) Chamber A Reactivaton and JWST Testing"
  • Mar 15 - "Recent Findings About Pluto and Ceres - Texas-sized Planets" - Marc Fries
  • Apr 7 - "The Changing Face of ISS" - Jeff Arend
  • May 5 - "Very Recent Pluto Flyby results and Developing a Micro gravity Instrument for ISS", Dr. Marc Fries
  • June 2 - Joel Walker, Director of Center Operations, conducted an onsite tour of the newly renovated buildings at JSC.
  • June 7 -"Remembering Columbia: Building the NEXT Greatest Generation", Belinda Gay from The Patricia Huffman Smith NASA "Remembering Columbia" Museum in Hemphill Texas
  • July 7 - "A New Moon Rises: a 21st Century View of the Moon from LRO", Dr. Samuel Lawrence, NASA Exploration Integration and Science Directorate
  • Aug 4 - "The Value of the Moon" - Dr. Paul Spudis, Senior Staff Scientist, Lunar and Planetery Institute
  • Sept 1 - "DNA Sequencer on ISS", Dr. Aaron Burton, Principal Investigator
  • Oct 6 - "JSC History: Cradle to Grave", Speakers - John Uri, JSC History Office Manager and Lauren Meyers, JSC History Collection Archivist, UHCL Neuman Library
  • Nov 3 - "Neutral Buoyancy Lab (NBL) Talk and Tour"
  • Nov 15 - NAL Fall Dinner/Social - Preliminary Results of NASA's Twins Study, Dr. John Charles, Ph.D., Chief Scientist, NASA Human Research Program
  • Dec 1 - "Hope 1: Space Suit Project" Gordon Andrews/Strategic Commmunications Group


  • Feb 7 - "Curiosity: The Mars Science Laboratory and Mars Exploration", Doug Archer
  • March 2 - "Eva Suit Design Status", Amy Ross
  • March 7 Dinner Social - "ISS program Current Status and Outlook", Kirk Shireman - Manager International Space Station Program


  • Helped arranged program in Teague Auditorium for the 40th anniversary of Apollo 13
  • Regularly support Mike Kincaid (Community Relations) and Susan White (Education) in fielding requests for interviews about the historical programs, and in education outreach, too
  • Support JSC Review Teams and other similar activities
  • Cooperate with AIAA on the Annual Technical Symposium in May each year
  • Support JSC Annual Space Settlement Design Competition for High School students (12 years)
  • Support the International Space Settlement Design Competition hosted each summer at JSC (Gilruth)
  • Contribute $1500 each year to Space Center Houston and to the Houston Museum of Natural Science to allow classes to attend space education activities at those facilities

Challenger Learning Center
The NASA Alumni League supports the Challenger Learning Center. We have selected 10 schools in the Houston area that are economically challenged and we are funding a space simulation for a class from each of those schools. The description of the event looks like this:

Students become astronauts flying to the Moon and on to Mars. They learn high tech skills, the latest space science content, and experience careers for the 21st century. Each mission comes with a classroom curriculum to prepare students for their mission. The Museum operates Challenger Learning Centers at the Museum and at the Museum's George Observatory in Brazos Bend State Park.

Cost: $280 for a full 2-hour mission (40 students in grades 4-12) and $160 for a mini-Mission (20 students grades 4-12). Advanced missions and missions for younger students are also available. See more information here.