Our Organization

NAL-JSC Vision

Support the nation’s space programs with technical expertise, educational outreach and charitable contributions to STEM organizations.

NAL-JSC Objectives

  • Communicate with the retired JSC community
  • Provide social and educational opportunities and fellowship among members
  • Provide charitable financial support to STEM organizations
  • Provide educational outreach programs to inspire students to pursue STEM careers
  • Encourage members to participate in community service that supports JSC activities
  • Provide technical and advisory services to JSC as requested

Current Officers, Directors and Committe Chairs


President - Wayne Hale
Vice-President - Denny Holt
Treasurer - Susan Braymer 
Secretary - Cynthia Draughon
Committee Chairs

Membership - Estella Gillette
Programs - Phil Engelauf
Education - Frank Hughes
Communications - Dan Sedej
Investment - Gordon Ducote
Mentoring - Jon Hall
Larry Bell
Greg Blackburn
Susan Creasy
Gordon Ducote
Phil Engelauf
Robert Galvez
Estella Gillette
Rob Kelso
Joe Maloy
Irene Piatek
Senior Advisors
Norm Chaffee