NAL Historic Documents

JSC Historic Documents

The NASA Johnson Space Center has experienced a rich history that started in the initial days of human spaceflight and continues today with the goal of pushing humans deeper into the space frontier. Listed below are various links to help guide you to some of that amazing history. Also noted below describes an opportunity to donate any of your personal NASA-related files to the JSC Collection at the UHCL Archives to help preserve JSC’s history for those that want to research and study it. This would be a very special gift to our local community do help preserve and tell our NASA story.

NAL Historic Preservation Committee

The committee’s vision is to acquire and help preserve historical information before it disappears. The current members are: Greg Blackburn, Cyndi Draughon, Irene Piatek, and Robert Galvez. The NAL Historic Preservation committee needs volunteers to help the University of Houston – Clear Lake (UHCL) Archives in their processing of JSC employee donations to the JSC Collection within the UHCL Archives.  Given the limited staff at UHCL, they are in need of people like the NAL to help in sorting, cataloging, and filing these important contributions so that they can be readily available to researchers.  If you have an interest in volunteering in these efforts to preserve JSC History, please contact Greg Blackburn at and he will setup a short training session with UHCL enabling you to participate in this activity.  Any number of hours of volunteering would be greatly appreciated.

Donate Your Papers, Records, and Books to the UHCL JSC Archives

NASA maintains an archive of historical information at UHCL, which is managed and administered by archivist, Lauren Meyers. The JSC History Collection contains 1.5 million documents covering more than 40 years of NASA’s human spaceflight activities and community history and is also home to the JSC Oral History Collection.

Ms. Meyers would appreciate having your personal papers, photographs, brochures, correspondence, drawings, newsletters, journals, design, and meeting minutes for the archive. No preparation on your part is required – Ms. Meyers and her staff will receive your donation of your papers and records, will go through them carefully to remove any items of a private nature to return to you (such as personnel documents), will systematize your records and keep them in a form that can be accessed by historians and researchers, and by your family and descendants in the future.  If you have other space related technical books that are still sitting on your shelves and no one wants them, consider donating them to the UHCL JSC Archives.   For more information you can contact Lauren Meyers at or you can call her office at 281-283-3936.

Here are links for general info on the JSC Archives at UHCL.  This archive is free and open to the public M-F 8:30am – 4:30pm

NAL-JSC Lending Library Relocated to UHCL

The aerospace books that have been contributed by NAL members have been relocated from Tietronix to the UHCL JSC Archives located within the UHCL Library.


JSC History Portal

JSC History Portal

Through the JSC History Portal, the JSC History Office provides easy access to searchable, electronic files and resources such as transcripts of more than 1,000 oral histories, JSC’s collection of Roundups, press kits, NASA mission air-to-ground transcripts, all JSC news releases and more than 300 space-related websites and resources, such as links to NASA imagery and publications. The portal also provides access to the JSC history collection.