NAL-JSC Member Education

Past NAL Programs



  • Jan 7 – “The Ordinary Astronaut” – Clayton Anderson, Astronaut and Author
  • Feb 4 – The Changing Face of JSC – Renovation, Innovation, New Buildings – Joel Walker, Director of Center Operations
  • Mar 4 – “Space Enviroment Simulation Lab (SEL) Chamber A Reactivaton and JWST Testing”
  • Mar 15 – “Recent Findings About Pluto and Ceres – Texas-sized Planets” – Marc Fries
  • Apr 7 – “The Changing Face of ISS” – Jeff Arend
  • May 5 – “Very Recent Pluto Flyby results and Developing a Micro gravity Instrument for ISS”, Dr. Marc Fries
  • June 2 – Joel Walker, Director of Center Operations, conducted an onsite tour of the newly renovated buildings at JSC.
  • June 7Remembering Columbia: Building the NEXT Greatest Generation”, Belinda Gay from The Patricia Huffman Smith NASA “Remembering Columbia” Museum in Hemphill Texas
  • July 7 – “A New Moon Rises: a 21st Century View of the Moon from LRO”, Dr. Samuel Lawrence, NASA Exploration Integration and Science Directorate
  • Aug 4 – “The Value of the Moon” – Dr. Paul Spudis, Senior Staff Scientist, Lunar and Planetery Institute
  • Sept 1 – “DNA Sequencer on ISS”, Dr. Aaron Burton, Principal Investigator
  • Oct 6 – “JSC History: Cradle to Grave”, Speakers – John Uri, JSC History Office Manager and Lauren Meyers, JSC History Collection Archivist, UHCL Neuman Library
  • Nov 3 – “Neutral Buoyancy Lab (NBL) Talk and Tour”
  • Nov 15 – NAL Fall Dinner/Social – Preliminary Results of NASA’s Twins Study, Dr. John Charles, Ph.D., Chief Scientist, NASA Human Research Program
  • Dec 1“Hope 1: Space Suit Project” Gordon Andrews/Strategic Communications Group